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Quality control standards

Quality control standards

1, ISO28723 - enamel and enamel - used in the heat exchanger enamel coated steel edge coverage
2, ISO8289 - enamel and porcelain enamel detection and positioning of low-voltage testing standards
3, ISO28706-2-test enamel and enamel resistance to chemical corrosion performance standards
4, ISO453-enamel and enamel high temperature fluidity of the determination of fusion flow test standards
5, ISO4532-enamel and porcelain enamel resistance of the determination of standards
6, ISO6370 - enamel and enamel on the determination of wear resistance standards
7, ISO28763 - enamel and enamel air - flue gas and flue gas - flue gas heat exchanger with heat transfer element rolling, coating and packaging standards
EN14430: 2004 High - pressure test standard for enamels and enamels
9, ISO9001: 2008 quality system management standards
Standard for porcelain enamel resistance to citric acid corrosion at room temperature. GB / T
11, GB / T13790-enamel with cold-rolled low-carbon steel and steel (EN10209)
12, GB / T709-2006 Hot-rolled steel sheet and strip size, shape, weight and allowable deviation (ISO7452)
13, GB / T4171-2008 weathering structural steel (test Deng Steel) delivery standards (EN10025-5)
14, GB / T5213-2008 cold rolled low carbon steel plate (SPPC) and strip (EN10130)
15, GB / 8110-2008 Standard Specification for Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel Wire for Gas Shielded Arc Welding (AWS A5.18M: 2005)
16, GB / T25777-2010 welding materials deposited metal chemical analysis sample preparation method (ISO6847)
Welding materials - Evaluation of welding procedure performance GB / T25776-1991
18, GB / T25775-2010 Technical conditions for the supply of welding consumables - Product type, dimensions, tolerances and marking (ISO544: 2003)
GB / T11419-2008 Standard for determination of resistance to temperature and abrupt change
20, GB11418-89 enamel heat resistance test standards
21, GB / T29515-2013 enamel with cold-rolled plate scale explosion susceptibility test standards
Standard of equipment for denitrification of coal - fired flue gas (GB / T21509-2008)
23, DL / T748.8-2001 thermal power plant boiler unit maintenance guidelines (air preheater)
24, JB / T10990-2010 wet flue gas desulfurization equipment, special equipment Rotary flue gas heat exchanger standard
25, DL / T769-2012 electric power industry welder technical assessment standards
26, the company production management manual, operating manual, ABC management manual, production process manual
27, the company test laboratory manual, program files, quality manual, three files

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