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Seven-star Electric Power is professionally specialized in modification of the denitrition air preheater. It has a wealth of modification experience in this field and fully understands the air preheater operation of the domestic power plants. Combined with the upper SCR operating parameters, the inlet and outlet flue gas temperature, the running resistance and other data of the air preheater, we scientifically design the height, the wave shape and the sealing assemblies of the air preheater heat exchanger components, which is the solid guarantee for each modification project.

We mainly provide the following engineering services:
1. Warehouse case modification project of air preheater
2. Fan-shaped plate and arc plate modification project of air preheater
3. Supporting steel beam reinforcement, expansion joint exchanging of the flue gas inlet and outlet and flue gas anti-corrosion project of air preheater
4. Ring, axial and radial sealing components adjusting and replacing project of air preheater
5. Hot end, cold end heat exchanger components extraction and installation service of air preheater
6. Heat preservation, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion modification project of air preheater
7. Mechanical power part dismantling maintenance project of air preheater (power motor, reducer, supporting and driving bearings and oil lubrication system)
8. Electrical control part upgrading and modification project of air preheater (PLC integrated electrical control, DCS control system access)
9. Soot blowing system design, installation, debugging and modification project of air preheater
10. Air leakage treatment and modification project of air preheater (balance contact type and flexible contact type sealing device)
11. Flue gas inlet and outlet, expansion joint air leakage treatment and anti-corrosion project of air preheater
12. Enamel heat exchanger components installation project of GGH
13. Mechanical and electrical partial maintenance and modification project of GGH
14. Design, installation, commissioning and modification of soot blowing system of GGH
15. Soot blowing system design, installation, debugging and modification project of GGH
16. Sealing system assemblies and low leaking wind machine modification and overhaul project of GGH
Our excellent engineering technologies mainly include:
1. Unique performance parameter design of air preheater and GGH
2. Simulation technology of the unit modification scheme
3. The plate type design and development technology of the new heat exchanger components
4. Flexible contact sealing technology
5. Warehouse case modification technology of air preheater
6. Design and adjustment technology of the seal assembly gap
7. Vertical and radial adjustment technology of air preheater
8. Effective anti soot formation technology of soot blowing and cleaning systems

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