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Specialized In The Design, Overhaul, Transformation, Production And Installation Of Air Preheater And Gas-Gas Heater (GGH).
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16 years ago, Seven-star Electric Power was born
16 years later, we become more mature

We are specialized in the design, overhaul, transformation, production and installation of air preheater and gas-gas heater (GGH).With the help of many customers and scientific experts, we have made some achievements. For the air leakage treatment of the air preheater, we have developed the flexible contact and the warehouse double sealing device one after another, achieving good results in many power plants. The mature and stable enamel production technology prevents the shedding and corrosion of enamel during the operation. In this field, we have more than ten years of production and research history. Besides, the scientific and reasonable design of soot blowing system increases the soot blowing effect, reduce the damage to thermoelements to ensure the normal operation of the unit. We have rich transforming experience and a solid technical team in the design and installation of the soot blowing system, the manufacture of the enamel heat exchanger components, the waveform design, the body maintenance and the DCS control system.

Our production and research and development base covers 8,000 square meters. The registered capital is 50 million with more than 100 staff. The annual sales income is over 300 million Yuan. The company is one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in air preheater and GGH. In the process of equipment, we have introduced the international advanced corrugated board production line, electrostatic dry enamel production line, physical performance testing equipment and the production process of scientific standards. In the production of enamel heat exchanger components, we invented a unique firing process and glaze powder formula, so that the heat exchanger components are more prominent on aspects of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chilling resistance and soot formation resistance.

Denitration air preheaters produced by domestic power plants suffer some problems, such as the effect of denitration by-products, low load, fluctuation of hydrogen sulfate ammonia deposition area, large differential pressure, high air leakage rate, serious ash clogging and low temperature corrosion. With our rich experience and leading technology, combined with the burning coal of boiler, denitration operation condition, air preheater operation condition, flue gas flow, soot blowing condition and other high and low equipments’ operation conditions, we make more practical customized solutions for each power plant to make the waveform type selection, performance parameters security, operation differential pressure and soot blowing operation more scientific. To solve the corrosion and soot formation of heat exchanger components, we provide electrostatic dry enamel element of the European level with the acid-resisting grade above AA grade. The plate type of the unique QX heat exchanger components plate forms a closed channel, which reduces the flue gas flow dead angles and forms the swirl flow field, effectively solving the soot formation problem. The more scientifically designed soot blowing system provides the applicable pressure control, steam dewatering and the proper use of parameters of soot blowers. The feasible sulfur, ash and liquid ammonia escape control schemes are also provided. Through the above measures, your air preheaters run more stably and the heat exchange efficiency is increased substantially. At present, our products and engineering technologies are used in more than and 500 domestic units of which more than 20 units are 1000MW. The operation effect has been verified, winning the wide acclaim from customers.

In this area, we have a wide range of cooperation with three main engine plants covering the Shanghai Boiler, Harbin Boiler and East Boiler. We have established a good strategic partnership with them, becoming the designated supplier of rolling, enameling, burning and other aspects of heat exchanger components of air preheaters.

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To become an internationally competitive industrial ecological organizer


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