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Testing experiment

Testing experiment

QiXing Electric established a standardized physical and chemical properties of the laboratory, the main test equipment, equipment procurement of international and domestic brands, testing standards and procedures in full accordance with relevant international and national standards, specifically ISO28723, ISO4534, ISO28763, ISO28706, ISO8289, EN14430, GB / T13790, GB / T4171, GB / T5213, GB / T25775 and so on. The main test tests are chemical composition analysis of steel, welding tensile testing, enamel close focus test, resistance chill test, adhesion test, corrosion resistance test, high voltage test, low voltage test.
The main equipment with equipment are: special corrosion resistance test device, low voltage tester, high voltage tester, high precision film thickness tester, powder flow meter, dry powder adhesion test device, universal tensile testing machine, spectrum tester, experiment Drying box, experimental firing furnace, resistance to chilling test chamber.
The company enamel electrostatic powder test sets of equipment a total of 3 sets, 1 set for the German Wagner, enamel spray room, enamel spray gun, control module, fluidized powder barrel, designed for electrostatic spraying test research, the other two sets of Nordson Enamel electrostatic powder test complete sets of equipment, all three sets of test equipment for the import, on behalf of today's industry's highest technical level. The above three sets of test equipment can completely simulate the actual production line of the number of production, with voltage, current, fluidization, recovery, pressure and all other adjustments for different temperature, humidity, glaze powder can do a number of tests. After a long period of actual production and testing tests, the company and the United States Fulu, Italy Carlo company established a partnership for the production of enamel electrostatic dry process to lay a solid foundation to ensure the stability of the enamel powder quality.
The company introduced an international level of spectrum analyzer, can zero carbon steel, test Deng steel, low carbon steel, general steel, stainless steel and other steel analysis.

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